We took the Viking Rhine Getaway Cruise from July 23rd to August 2, 2019. Our trip started in Amsterdam where we spent two days before boarding the Viking Mani.


After leaving Amsterdam, the ship stopped in one port in the Netherlands, five in Germany and one in France before arriving in Basel, Switzerland. The Viking ship and service were outstanding.


We had a fantastic time. We enjoyed all of the places we visited. As you might guess, we took lots and lots of photos/videos.


I created a show to conjure up memories of most of the things we did and saw. It’s kind of long (around 20 minutes). It includes enough to help us relive many of our memories when we watch it in the future. It may not hold your interest for 20 minutes since these aren’t things you personally experienced. Feel free to watch as much or as little as you like.  Click the link below to start the video: